There are reports of scammers sending text messages impersonating a client’s bank.
These text messages may appear to be from “Heritage Bank” (as well as other banks)
and the client is requested to call a listed number to provide their credit or debit card information.
Heritage Bank of Commerce will never ask you to provide sensitive information in this manner.
If you have any questions, please call our Customer Service Line at 888-494-4599 or contact your local branch.

Business Lending

For more information, please contact our commercial lending experts at 408-947-6900.

Lines of Credit

Heritage Reward Line of Credit

Get funding for short-term needs or have money in reserve for a future purchase opportunity.

Our Heritage Reward line of credit offers a $25,000 - $350,000 line of credit (subject to approval) to give you buying power.

Formula Revolving Lines of Credit

Access funds as your debt is paid down.

Seasonal Working Capital Lines of Credit

Secure working capital for your seasonal business. We offer lines of credit greater than $250,000.

Term Loans

Support your long-term growth with a loan to support your working capital, tenant improvements, plant expansion, corporate acquisition, or refinance a debt.

Equipment Loans

Finance new equipment with our specialized equipment loans.

Professional Loans

Benefit from our customized lending products exclusively created for doctors, veterinarians, dentists, lawyers and CPAs.

Letters of Credit

Get a payment guarantee for your business transactions with a Heritage Bank commercial letter of credit or standby letter of credit. Our experienced staff can expedite the documentation process and negotiations to keep your business moving forward.

Commercial Real Estate Loans

Finance the acquisition of commercial real estate to house your business.

Credit Cards

We offer a variety of business credit cards depending on your business needs, from basic credit to multiple card holders.