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HOA Specialty Banking

We provide the cash management solutions, multiple payment channels and consultative advice to improve your operating efficiencies. Our suite of cash management and HOA payment systems is designed to lower costs, improve efficiency, and improve cash flow while providing effective management control of your funds. Plus, you have unlimited check-writing abilities and you earn interest on your operating account.


Operating Solutions

We offer the latest in Cash Management Services to assist you in managing your cash flow requirements. Take a look at our key benefits:

  • HOA banking remotely 24/7
  • Multiple payment channels available
  • Secure online account access
  • Streamline account setup
  • Reduce operating labor costs
  • Payables lockbox available

Remittance Processing Services (Lockbox)

With a focus on converting assessment payments into available funds, our remittance processing service utilizes state-of-the-art systems to ensure quick and accurate processing, with multiple payment options.

Multiple Payment Options

Provide an array of payment options to pay dues via credit cards, eCheck payment, Automated Clearing House (ACH), and U.S. mail.

View Images and Remittance Online 24/7

A convenient, secure way to view checks, payments and other remittance information from any computer.

Accelerate Payment Collection Cycles

By using our lockbox payment system, association payments are deposited into your account on the day they are received. Streamlined assessment processing frees up resources and may eliminate the need for additional accounting staff.

Streamlined Reporting and Tracking 24/7

Our web-based lockbox reporting system allows you to search data by check number, date, dollar amount or unit account number. You can view an image of the check and accompanying coupon or statement stub.

Custom Accounting Software Interface

We program a data file to upload the payment information into your accounting software to meet your needs.


Reserve Planning

A well-funded reserve benefits all the association’s homeowners. As your partner, we can ensure your funds are safe and assist in the long-term planning to ladder certificates of deposit so funds are available when reserve components need replacement or other major expenditures come up.

  • Competitive interest rates
  • Consolidated statements for our CD Placement Service
  • Insure funds in excess of FDIC limits
  • Streamline opening and maintenance of reserve funds
  • No additional signature cards to keep track of

Liquid Deposit Services

Our approach is to provide you with the flexibility of choosing from a variety of reserve planning deposit services, including checking, CDs, and money market accounts, with interest being paid on all deposits. The objective is to have all deposits 100% FDIC insured.

Demand Money Market Placement

Provides the liquidity of a checking account with the feature of extended FDIC coverage through a nationwide placement service. Our system accurately tracks your demand money market placements to ensure 100% FDIC coverage via the Demand Money Market Placement program. You receive a comprehensive report detailing your investment portfolio.

HOA Reserve Checking

A multiple interest tiered checking account that provides liquidity, unlimited check writing and the maximum yield on all funds on deposit.

Time Deposit Services

If you’re looking to maximize your interest on time deposits, you may opt to deposit funds in traditional CDs through our in-house program. You may also choose to take advantage of our CD Placement Service, which provides a nationwide approach that’s focused on ensuring all deposits are 100% FDIC insured.

CD Placement Service

A convenient deposit service that allows you to take advantage of the best returns available while maximizing your FDIC insurance coverage. Our system accurately tracks your CD placements, including any CDs placed elsewhere, to ensure 100% FDIC coverage via the CD Placement Service program.

  • You’ll have one agreement for the service, not for each CD placed
  • You’ll receive one comprehensive monthly statement reflecting all CDs in your portfolio
  • There are no fees for placement
  • Available terms range from four weeks to five years
  • You’ll receive one year-end 1099


As HOA industry professionals, we don’t have to tell you regular maintenance and repairs will enhance property values thus increasing your homeowners’ living standards. When a need is apparent and funds are an issue, our trained HOA bankers will work with your Board of Directors and managing professionals to structure loan programs that meet specific repair projects or implement energy-efficient systems. Once projects are underway, value-added expertise in managing budgets is provided and our experts work closely with you, along with property and construction management professionals, to ensure successful completion.

  • Our lenders know the HOA industry
  • Loan decisions are made locally
  • Competitive rates and terms
  • No pre-payment penalties*

*Certain Restrictions Apply

An HOA Loan Makes Good Business Sense

Once a project is identified, our HOA lenders will become part of your team. With our financial “pre-view” service, we can help formulate a plan for the funding of the entire project to include special assessment financing.

Homeowner Association Loan Programs

We provide competitive financing up to $3,000,000 for maintenance/improvements and green energy projects with terms of 12 to 120 months.

  • Repairs and Capital Improvements: Financing is available to assist HOAs with regular maintenance and property improvements.
  • Solar Equipment: Our green energy financing program provides funds for solar initiatives.

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