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Business eStatements

Explore the advantages of eStatements for your business checking and savings accounts.* This complimentary service is a best practice for business banking. eStatements contain the same information as paper statements with less clutter and more convenience. Enrollment guides are available for Commercial and Small Business eStatements.

  • Immediate Availability
    • eStatements are available days before paper statements normally arrive in your mailbox.
  • Email Alerts
    • Receive an email notifying you when your eStatements are available for your review.
  • Easy Online Access & Retrieval
    • eStatements are viewable in PDF format and easily accessible. eStatements can also be saved or printed as preferred.
  • Batch Downloads
    • eStatements offer the ability to batch download multiple statements for checking or savings accounts, perfect for clients with several accounts. With batch downloads you will receive a PDF for each account.
  • Enhanced Security
    • Protect your information from being stolen from your mailbox. eStatements are secured by online login credentials and can only be viewed by authorized individuals.
  • Easy to Sign Up
    • Paper statements stop automatically when you enroll for eStatements.
  • Automatic Storage of eStatements
    • A rolling 12 month history of statements is available in one secure place.
  • Eco-friendly
    • Replacing your multi-page paper statement with an electronic version helps conserve natural resources.

To enroll please see the follow enrollment guides for Commercial or Small Business online banking accounts.

*eStatements are currently available for checking and savings accounts and are not yet available for loan accounts.